EFCFC are dedicated to our volunteers who give freely of their valuable time in providing a stimulating, challenging, supportive and fun football experience to participants in the club.

The club’s committee will endeavour to support these volunteers in their work by providing an environment where all activities are carried out in a safe, fun manner at all times conducted in the spirit of “Fair Play”.

The club committee recognise the value of having appropriately qualified personnel in the club and therefore will endeavour to support any of our coaches in the coach education process with the Scottish FA.

The coaches must create a welcoming and positive environment for the children to play football and will always look to put the children, their needs and their safety first at all times.

The training sessions will look to provide fun and enjoyable activity suitable to the age & stage of players, which will look to be well organised and planned practices and games that stimulate the players.

Communicate appropriately with children and encourage children to have freedom to express themselves. Use teachable moments to educate young players and be a good role model.

Be patient with players during transition periods of the game formats and also with growth and body maturation. 

The coaches will look to motivate and encourage the players to be the best they possibly can be for each individual. 

Important to remember, the coaches are volunteers and do not have all the answers. 

Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.”

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