Following the recent surge in Covid-19 cases due to the new Omicron variant and the subsequent advice from Scottish Government we are asking all associations and leagues to help communicate the following information in an effort to help minimise transmission.

The Scottish Government are encouraging the public to ‘reduce as far as possible – to a minimum – the contacts that we have with people from other households’

Coronavirus in Scotland - To help protect yourself and others this winter:

Get the vaccine or the vaccine booster 

Limit the amount of social contact you have with other households - gather in groups of no more than 3 households

Avoid crowded places – shop at quieter times and follow safety measures in shops and other places

If you don’t have symptoms take regular lateral flow tests - especially before mixing with other people - get LFD tests

If you have symptoms - self isolate and book a PCR test

Wear a face covering where required

Work from home if you can

Take an LFD test each time before you visit someone in a hospital or care home

Wash your hands regularly, and cover your nose and mouth if coughing or sneezing

Open windows when meeting indoors

Use the apps: COVID statusProtect Scotland and Check-in Scotland


We would therefore ask you all to ensure that the following points are circulated to all clubs and leagues to remind them again of the protocols required. We understand that these are challenging times and we would ask that you promote these messages via all possible channels at your disposal.


Advise coaches and players to carry out regular lateral flow tests prior to attending activity.

 Consider travel plans carefully. Where travel by bus is necessary ensure face masks are worn to minimise risk. Follow this link for further information.

Ensure players are encouraged to arrive ready to train or play, avoiding where possible the use of changing and indoor areas where the spread of the virus can be greater.

Ensure coaches, players, and officials use face masks in and around facilities particularly where there are pinch points and crowded areas.

Ensure high hygiene in all facilities and the use of hand sanitizer before and after training and matches.

Ensure, where possible, one-way systems are in place for spectators and think about ways in which physical distancing measure can be in place.

Where clubs operate hospitality, the Scottish government have indicated new measures will be introduced. This will include measures to avoid crowding at bars, between tables, and there is a reminder of the requirement to collect contact details of customers, to help with contact tracing. Wearing face masks is the law when in bars, restaurants, cafés and on public transport although there are exemptions for example for medical reasons or when eating and drinking.

This link will take you to Sportscotland COVID update for further information

This link will provide further information on Coronavirus (COVID-19): Test and Protect for information on Household and Non-Household Close-Contacts.

Finally, the Scottish Government have created collateral which organisations can use to promote key messages through various channels. These can be found here

We once again thank you for your support and if we all play or part, we can continue to help in the fight against COVID transmission.’



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